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Inverter Yaskawa E7 Drive

E7 Drive 1/2 - 500 Horsepower HVAC-Specific AC Drive ;

The E7 Drive was designed exclusively for Commercial HVAC applications. All features were designed for this purpose, including Building Automation communications. Metasys N2, APOGEE FLN and Modbus are embedded. EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and LonWorks are plug-in options. The drive was plenum rated for variable torque applications. Anti-windmilling, motor preheat, energy-savings, and PI setpoint control were standard. Many options were available.

The E7 Drive is a Pulse Width Modulated Drive for 3-Phase AC induction motors. This type of Drive is also known as an Adjustable Frequency Drive, Variable Frequency Drive, AC Drive, AFD, ASD, VFD, and Inverter. In this manual, the E7 Drive will be referred to as the “Drive”.

The E7 Drive is a variable torque AC drive, designed specifically for HVAC applications in building automation, including fans, blowers and pumps. A new benchmark for size, cost, performance, benefits, and quality, the E7 includes numerous built-in features such as network communications, H/O/A, PI, parameter storage and copy functions.

The E7 has embedded communications for the popular building automation protocols, Johnson Controls Metasys? and Siemens APOGEETM FLN, as well as Modbus?. An optional LONWORKS? interface card is also available.

The LCD keypad/operator is equipped with Hand/Off/Auto functions, copy feature, 7 language choices, and 5 lines of display with 16 characters per line. User parameter settings can be recovered at any time via “user initialization”. Optional software allows upload/download, as well as graphing and monitoring of drive parameters from a PC for ease of drive management.

Built-in PI control eliminates the need for closed loop output signals from a building automation system. It includes feedback display, inverse, square root and differential control functions, and maintains setpoint for closed loop control of fans and pumps for pressure, flow, or temperature regulation.

Models & Ratings for E7 Drive
E7 Standard Drives - 1/2-500HP, 208-230/240 and 480V, 3-phase1 input, NEMA 1 or protected chassis enclosure

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