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- Advanced Controller
- Simatic S7-1500 FW 1.7
- Siplus S7-1500 CPU 1518

-Basic Controller
-Simatic S7-1200
-Simatic CP 1242-7 / CP 1243-7

-Distributed Controller
-Simatic ET 200SP CPU / ET 200SP Open Controller

Simatic S7-1500 FW1.7
Increased range of application with consistent portfolio
The Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller secures the highest performance for average and high-end applications. New fail-safe CPUs complement the portfolio for demanding safety applications.

Even more functions have been added to the Simatic S7-1500 Advanced Controller with the upgrade to the new firmware 1.7. The controllers now have a CPU backup to enable easy restoration of a machine status. The option to download files to a shared PLC improves team engineering of the CPUs. The Simatic S7-1500 also enables easy synchronous operation of axes (beginning with firmware 1.6). This improved motion control functionality makes it easy to connect the drives to any CPU. The enhanced portfolio includes the right CPU for every automation task, with the CPU 1517-3 PN/DP rounding off the product line in the upper power range. All standard controllers are now available in fail-safe versions for the implementation of fail-safe applications. This means that standard and fail-safe automation tasks can be carried out with a single controller. Thanks to the increased volume, highly fail-safe applications can now be addressed in the CPU 1518F-4 PN/DP.

New features
- CPU backup function for backing up the entire controller configuration
- Online commissioning of one CPU with several users at the same time
- New CPU 1517-3 PN/DP • Four additional fail-safe CPUs: 1511F, 1513F, 1515F, and 1517F

Siplus S7-1500 CPU 1518 High-end CPU for extreme requirements
Siemens has added its most powerful CPU ever for extreme environments to the new generation of S7-1500 controllers: the Siplus S7-1500 CPU 1518. The new highend CPU ensures maximum performance and user-friendliness for standard applications, as well as for applications in the harshest industrial environments, while maintaining the same engineering and operating concept.

New features - Resistance to chemically, biologically, and mechanically corrosive gases (EN 60721-3-3)
- Resistance to salt spray (EN 60068-2-52)
- Increased installation elevation range of –1,000 to +5,000 m

Simatic S7-1200 Easy introduction to Safety Integrated
For the first time, the Simatic S7-1200 Basic Controller can now also perform fail-safe tasks. With the fail-safe 1214FC and 1215FC fail-safe CPUs and the corresponding fail-safe I/O modules, an integrated safety solution is now available for the first time for Simatic controllers in the low power range. Consistent engineering in TIA Portal makes it possible to easily port fail-safe programs from a Simatic S7-1200 to a Simatic S7-1500. The new Simatic S7-1200 V4.1 has been enhanced with additional functions. Like the Simatic S7-1500, the Simatic S7-1200 now also features option handling in its central configuration, enabling flexible machine designs. In series manufacturing, for example, this enables savings during planning, commissioning, and documentation. The new PID Temp technology object provides perfect support for temperature control, and the CPU backup ensures easy restoration of the machine status. Controlled drives can be implemented with the Closed Loop PTO function, which is necessary to integrate Profinet drives. The integration of S7-1200 communications processors (CPs) into the Simatic S7-1200 was also improved. Users can now access the CPU web server and open user communication (OUC) via S7-1200 CPs.

New features
- Fail-safe 1214FC and 1215FC CPUs and fail-safe I/O modules
- New PID Temp technology object
- Implementation of controlled drives with Closed Loop PTO
- Improved integration of S7-1200 CPs

Simatic CP 1242-7/CP 1243-7
Flexible remote control modules for S7-1200
The new CP 1243-7 communications processor and the new Version 2 of the CP 1242-7 offer many possibilities for implementing highly flexible and cost-effective remote terminal units (RTUs) based on the Simatic S7-1200. Both variants support the cycle-controlled and event-driven transmission of measured and target values as well as alarms to the control room without significant programming effort. With the Step 7 Professional engineering software for TIA Portal V13 SP1, the user simply selects the data that are to be transmitted by the Simatic S7-1200 CPU and sets the desired communications parameters. The CPs can buffer the values and provide them with a time stamp to avoid data loss if the connection fails. Comprehensive diagnostic options, locally with LEDs or in Step 7, provide the user with a quick and informative analysis of the station status. The system is connected to the control room via TeleControl Server Basic V3 software via mobile network. The new CP 1243-7, with its remote communication via fourth-generation mobile network (LTE), completes the TeleControl Basic portfolio. The system can also be used in regions where the previous GSM mobile network with GPRS was not available. Higher data rates and support for UMTS and GPRS are further advantages of the LTE mobile communications technology (see page 20).

New features
- CP 1243-7 supports the LTE mobile communications standard for a high-speed Internet connection to SCADA systems
- Safe and fast connection for remote diagnostics and engineering with data point configuration in Step 7 for TIA Portal
- Seamless data recording with time stamps
- Integrated security functions: firewall (stateful inspection) and VPN protocol (IPsec)
- Access to CPU web servers
- Configurable alarm e-mails and text messages

Simatic ET 200SP CPU / ET 200SP Open Controller Compact controllers for distributed applications The new Simatic ET 200SP CPU Distributed Controller is a modular distributed controller that is compact and flexible. Thanks to its compact design, it requires little space in the control cabinet. As it has the same storage systems, volumes, and features as the Simatic S7-1511 and S7-1513 CPUs, customer programs with varying design types can be used. Three Industrial Ethernet ports with variable bus adapters (RJ45, FC, SCRJ) have been integrated for flexible bus connection. Option handling in the central configuration also makes it possible to flexibly retrofit options without engineering effort. The distributed controller series is rounded off with the first 1510SP F CPU and 1512SP F CPU for modular and fail-safe automation. This makes it possible to implement standard and fail-safe applications using one controller in the ET 200SP. Another benefit is its high investment protection, because once a user program has been developed, TIA Portal makes it possible to easily port the program to both Simatic S7-1200 and Simatic S7-1500 controllers. The compact Simatic ET 200SP Open Controller is another addition to the modular distributed controller series and is particularly suited for series machine manufacturing. It is the first controller of this type to combine the functions of a PCbased Software Controller with visualization, Windows applications, and centralized I/Os in a single compact device. This means that users need to stock fewer spare parts, and evaluation and maintenance efforts are also significantly reduced. The Open Controller can be flexibly expanded with standard ET 200SP modules and can be optimized for series machines and machines with a distributed structure. Because it has a compact design, it requires little space in the control cabinet. It is also fully compatible with ET 200SP CPU projects, so various performance requirements can be met without additional effort.

New features
- ET 200SP Open Controller: powerful all-in-one device with small footprint on the Din rail
- Very compact system with minimum space requirements in the control cabinet
- Modular expansion of functions with all ET 200SP modules
- Complete engineering in TIA Portal for increased productivity with reduced engineering effort
- Fail-safe CPUs 1510SP F and 1512SP F

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