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ผลิตภัณฑ์ / HMI PROFACE

GP4000M Series
Easy to identify

Drag-and-drop allows you to easily create operation screens on GP-Pro EX, a screen creation software. In addition, it's easy to create attractive screens by downloading backgrounds and illustrations online.

Use a separation cable* to install the control unit on a DIN rail and the operation unit in a different location. Operation unit is space-saving, and it allows you to install the unit flexibly even though it is difficult to install it due to limitations of space.
* Requires separate 3m or 5m option cable.

The Ethernet Multilink function allows you to add a GP as a sub-display on an Ethernet network without changing any machine settings.
It could be replaced with Fieldbus networks, more open and reasonable network solution.

Configuring settings smoothly
When settings need to be configured frequently, the increase in the number of cramped data entry screens to accommodate on-screen numeric keypads and the number of times the operator needs to switch between screens leads to reduced operability and misoperation. Using the EZ Numeric Keypad frees up screen real estate, leading to improved operability. This reduces the stress associated with frequent settings configuration.

Additional features:
- Tactile feedback for reliable input operation.
- Input numbers and letters even when wearing gloves.
- Prevents deterioration of display caused by operation with dirty hands.

Easily connect multiple USB devices
A controller with serial interface, EZ Series accessory unit, bar code reader, and USB flash drive can be easily connected to the HMI unit.

GP4100 Series Selectable Models

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