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The NV Series of compact Programmable Terminals meet the basic needs for enhanced visibility, simplicity, and cost, and they go even further to provide superior PLC compatibility, easy operation, and cost performance.
Beautiful, Easy-to-understand Displays

Instantly know the system status It is obvious in three color LED backlight
The monochrome models provide three backlight colors to perform status displays. For example, use green for normal operation, orange for user controls, and red for errors so that the operating status can be seen at a glance.

Easy Visual Recognition True Type Fonts for Flexible Screen Designs
You can use True Type fonts in a wide range of sizes from 10 to 240 dots to flexibly design beautiful screens. * The maximum font size depends on the model.
True Type Fonts
You can select the best Windows? fonts to create the desired screen images or emphasize screen appearance.

Easy Designing
The slim design of NV-series PTs requires very little installation space. Vertical Installation
The PT can be installed vertically to enable more applications.This enables more flexible designs.

Handle Devices from Various Manufacturers Global Multivendor Support
You can connect the PT to OMRON or Mitsubishi Electric PLCs or to PLCs from many other global manufacturers.This lets you connect the NV-series PTs without changing the PLC. You can easily use a different PLC manufacturer for each project.

Applicable PLCs
OMRON, Mitsubishi Electric, Keyence, Hitachi, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, etc.
A Lineup of 14 Models That Form a New Standard for Small PTs

The lineup includes compact and horizontal models from 3.1-inch to 4.6-inch and QVGA models. Select the size and price that are best for each system.

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