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HMI OMRON / NS-NSRCL1 / 3 / 10

Achieve machine/line monitoring and data logging on your office computer. Machine Viewer Machine monitoring in an office environment. There is no need to create complex host applications. Moreover, when an alarm occurs, a PDF file can be displayed as maintenance information. NS Series screens can be reused on the computer, and screens can be also newly created independently of touch panels at the production site.

Wide Screen
Computer output can be displayed on another wide-screen monitor. XGA (1,024 x 768 dots) and up to a a maximum screen size of 3,840 x 2,400 is supported. Alarms occurring in devices or the line can be monitored.

Note: The resolution that can be displayed depends on the computer. An input function for displaying the computer screen is required at the display monitor.

Data Logger
Log large amounts of data using a personal computer. Data can be logged through background processing, with up to 160,000 points stored in one file. The logged data is stored in CSV format, and data can be displayed on data log graphs.

Example: 160,000 Points Data can be logged for approximately 7.4 days, assuming data is logged every two seconds for 12 hours a day. By using automatic file saving, data logging can be continued even longer than 7.4 days.
Recipe Handling
Checking machine data or switching processes from a host computer is easy. Parameter groups in the PLC can be transferred together to a computer, and the transferred data can be checked and edited in CSV format, e.g., using Excel. The edited data can then be transferred together back to the PLC.

Easy Installation
To get started, just install the NS-Runtime in the computer and place the screen data in the applicable folder. NS/NSJ-series screens and NS-Runtime screens can all be managed using one single tool. Note: The NS-Runtime will operate in a computer environment even if the CX-Designer installed is not installed. The hardware key (USB dongle) that is supplied with the NS-Runtime is required for operation.

User applications can be started from NS-Runtime. Applications can be started simply by pressing buttons on the screen.

Note 1: If the screen data is converted for the NS Series, NS-Series PT system versions must be 8.1 or earlier. The screen data of system version 8.2 can not be converted for the NS-Runtime. Note 2: Do not use this product for 24-hour operation in an FA environment. OMRON shall not be responsible if the computer or application does not operate properly due to noise or other causes. OMRON shall not be responsible for any problems that may be caused by any applications other than OMRON products.

Thai Factory Automation