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An HMI that is dynamic, intuitive and predictive makes industrial machines more attractive and competitive. The Omron HMI enables faster, more efficient control and monitoring - and a more natural, proactive relationship between operator and machine. The design has been based on real applications and customer requirements, a future-proofed, scalable platform that will evolve with their ever-changing needs, allowing real time reaction to events. As part of the system family, the NA Series is fully aware of the total machine.

- Proactive operator/ machine relationship
- Design based on real applications and customer requirements
- Future-proof, scalable platform
- Allows quick reaction

Sysmac Studio is the centrepiece of the Sysmac Platform, bringing together all areas of automation including: logic, motion, vision, safety and now visualisation. The NA series machine interface brings you a clear view in one integrated project.

ONE Tag Database

Share NJ Variables (Tags) in the machine interface application. "Intelli sense" makes it FAST ONE Learning, ONE Project
- Program your controller and safety systems
- Simultaneously program the NA Series as device in Sysmac Studio
- Program your whole machine in one project
- Work in a familiar way on all devices

Safe and secure
Configure individual users with multi access levels

- Clearly and quickly define the View
- Quickly change properties, animations, events and actions
- Powerful page editor to group objects
- Rotate, and resize - all with a simple click

- Write your Visual Basic Script
- Extend the possibilities with Visual Basic

Test it in ONE
- Integrated testing through simulation of motion, logic and visualisation at the same time
- Build confidence before having a single piece of hardware
- Test your machine interface with the NJ Control program via the Simulator in Sysmac Studio

Features for speed
- Structured programming (through One software)
- Network device insight
- Vision setup
- Machine Controller troubleshooting

Insight & security maximised ...
The NA series has full security and authentication features that keep your valuable assets secure at all times. And if something unexpected does happen, in your machine you will be able to solve the problem quickly and prevent a reoccurrence.

- Multiple-access level security and authentication
- Troubleshooting tools and history log
- Tune and adjust parameters without stopping the machine
- Quick loading of new data sets into the NJ Controller
- Data sets can be saved to/from the SD card

Increased security
The NA Series can be configured to specific staff, with multi access levels with password protection. This ensures authorised people interact with the machine.

Protecting your assets
- Your project can be password-protected along with other applications (Control and Safety).
- Transferring data can be protected (disable overwrite or theft).
... downtime minimised

Multimedia on your machine
You can present a machine view that is understandable at a glance. The NA Series brings everything together through rich media including PDF, video, and data to provide an intuitive and proactive machine management tool.

Show your manual in a movie
Imagine actually showing how to perform certain procedures. With the NA Series you have a trained engineer at the operator’s side, 24x7.

Show PDFs
You can use whatever visual assets you already have to illustrate how to do things.

Simple, but Flexible!

The NA Series gives the user the ability to design using IAGs (Intelligent Application Gadgets). IAGs simplify and accelerate the development process through structuring the project and enhancing reuse. From simple graphics to complex objects, you can make your own collections and share them between projects, like a Function Block.

Step 1: Machine Parts, the Visual
Using standard controls, or graphics from the machine parts collection, design your own IAG. Add interface properties and methods to bring the object to life when reused.

As well as many graphic IAGs, it is also possible to embed code within an IAG. The code can extend the possibilities of the gadget such as providing special device communication. Thanks to Visual Basic the standard functionality of the NA can be extended as required.
Step 3: Publish and Share

When the IAG is built and tested (using simulation) it can be published and the collection file distributed to be used again and again. Omron will release further IAG collections to extend the functionality of the NA Series.
A range of options that covers every need

(1) USB slave (Tool port)
(2) 2x USB
(3) 1 Serial *
(4) 2 Ethernet ports, one for factory one for office network (5) SD Card slot (6) 24V DC * The serial port is for future expansion.

- High speed communications network - Broad choice of connection possibilities - USB cable detachable without changing the hardware - Water and dust proof design

Thai Factory Automation