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ผลิตภัณฑ์ / SERVO FUJI

Product Information • Explanation of Model Codes

•Specifications of Servo Amplifier
- Common specifications
- VV Type > VS Type
- LS Type

• Specifications of Servomotor
- GYS Motor
- GYC Motor
- GYG Motor[2000r/min]
- GYG Motor[1500r/min]
- GYB Motor

• Option/Peripheral Equipment

- External Dimensions
- Servo amplifier - GYS Motor
- GYS Motor(With a brake)
- GYC Motor
- GYC Motor(With a brake)
- GYG Motor[2000r/min]
- GYG Motor[2000r/min](With a brake)
- GYG Motor[1500r/min]
- GYG Motor[1500r/min](With a brake)
- GYB Motor
- GYB Motor(With a brake)
- Shaft Extension Specifications (wiht a key, tapped)

NEW Middle Inertia Type GYB Series Servo Motor (Rated speed 3000r/min)
Single or 3-phase 200V
Rated output 0.2Kw/ 0.4kW/ 0.75kW
Middle Inertia Type GYG Series Servo Motor (Rated speed 2000r/min)
Single or 3-phase 200V
Rated output 0.5kW / 0.75kW / 1.0kW / 1.5kW / 2.0kW


support a broad range of needs, our original Vibration Suppressing Control Function and notch filter are newly provided. As servo systems for advancing machine, the "FALDIC-∝" series have been refined. High-precision functions that will contribute to improvement of any machine performance are equipped and a wide range of capacities from 0.05kW to 5kW is covered. Further, an optimum system required by a customer can be easily built. As a new standard for servo systems, the "FALDIC-∝" series will bring a variety of values to the work scene.
The "FALDIC" realize highly ranked machine performance.


Suppresses mechanical vibrations to the maximum extent.
- Equipped with a “Vibration Suppressing Control Function” which is an effective countermeasure for suppressing vibration of the tips of robot arms, etc.
- Command following servo (positional deviation ? zero). Positioning settling time is 1 ms or less. A 65536 pulse/revolution serial encoder (exclusive INC) is standard equipment.
- 16-bit High Resolution Encoder
- Equipped with a notch filter and servo analysis function.

Designed for high performance and high precision. It can also be used for machines where high performance and highly accurate positioning is required. Through the newly developed feed forward control which compensates for servo delay, operation even during acceleration and deceleration can be done with positional deviation almost zero. A positioning completed signal can be output virtually simultaneously with the end of the command pulse (within 1 ms) .
In high tact operation of mechanisms with low rigidity, such as the tips of robot arms, suppression of arm tip vibration is a major factor in shortening tact time. In the FALDIC-? series, Fuji’s original “Vibration Suppressing Control Function” is standard equipment. It reduces vibration in machines with low rigidity and realizes high machine tact.


The FALDIC-W – a brand new basic model of the FALDIC Series inheriting the functions and performance of the FALDIC- and FALDIC- . The FALDIC Series keeps evolving to meet all market requirements.

Integral control of parameters
Realizes the integral control of parameters. RS-485 links the host controller to each servo amplifier, enabling the integral control of the servo amplifier parameters by the host controller.

Easy tuning
Simple optimum tuning between the machine and servomotor .The servo amplifier automatically performs auto-tuning on the machine and servomotor to the optimum setting by setting the simple operation pattern in the parameters. Since tuning can be done prior to preparing host devices such as positioning adjustment of the controller, the length of the operation can be decreased.

IP67 (Servomotor)
Water and dust proof servomotor .Since the servomotor complies with IP67*, it can be used in environments where it is exposed to water and dust. *Excluding the shaft sealing and connector of the GYS motors and the axis through portion of the GYG motors. The GYG motor 1.8 kW and 2.9 kW comply with IP65.

RoHS compatible
The Servo system complies with “The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS )Directive of the EU”. It is an environmentally friendly servo system, which restricts 6 toxic substances

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