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TYPE : DDR Series
TYPE : DQR Series
TYPE : DSR Series

Power Rating: 15W-20KW
Resistance Value: 0.01 -100K
Resistance Tolerance: 0.01 Ω -100K Ω
Resistance Tolerance: ±0.1%,±0.5%,±1%,?5%,±10%
• Construction:
1.A tubular ceramic has two terminals, and is wound with copper wire or chrominumalloy wire to provide the resistance and then coated with high temperature ,non-flammable resin.
2.After the semi-finished resistor is cool and dry,insulation is applied through a temperature process and then the mounts are attached.

• Features:
1. Multi-terminal and multi-resistance ,fixed, adjustable are available,out wire's length are available following customer requirement; Special terminals are available for unusual applications.
2. Element consisting of a wave-shaped alloy ribbon or non-wave shaped alloy wire.
3.Good dissipation ,high stability, high power rating,high over load and long life.
4. Delivery:5-7days
5. Conforms to the ROHS standard and the LEAD-FREE non-lead standard.

• Applications:
DR Series is suitable for educational modeling applications, load testing, industrial machinery, electric power distribution, instruments, automation control installations, lift trucks, overhead cranes, elevators, arc and spot welders, battery chargers, machine tools, conveyors, and UPS systems.

• DDR & DNR Type Dimensions(15W-20000W)
• DRD & DRH Type Dimensions (30W-20000W)
• DQR & DQN Type Dimensions
• DSR & DSN Type Dimensions

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